Bi-fold doors open up wider market for TradeTech customers

Korniche Aluminium Bi-Folding Door

As one of Kent’s most trusted and proactive trade suppliers, TradeTech is able to offer its customers a selection of bi-fold doors which is fully in tune with the demand being generated by lifestyle magazines, television property shows and other influencers.

Indeed, these stunning doors have become the preferred fenestration solution for self-builders, kitchen designers and developers looking to optimise the appeal of refurbishment or conversion projects.  TradeTech’s range of aluminium bi-folds offers affordability without compromising appearance or quality with a full selection of sizes and RAL powder coat finishes being available.  Importantly, the aesthetic benefits to TradeTech’s bi-folds are backed up by top-ranked weather protection and security against forced entry.

TradeTech’s Sales Director commented: “We are continuing to see increased demand for bi-folds across the domestic, hotel and leisure markets, with property owners wanting to enjoy that feeling of greater connection with the outdoors; and it is a trend that has been reinforced by the new housing and domestic refurbishment boom during the pandemic.  People are seeking to improve their existing homes or maximise the potential of a new one.

“We have produced bi-folds with eight or nine leaves which create an opening width of up to nine metres.  In addition to this capability, our bi-folds feature very strong yet slim meeting stiles which help reduce their visual impact when the doors are closed while the mechanism means they open and close as well as stack very easily.  It is a product we expect to carry on selling in large numbers for the foreseeable future.”

Despite their open aspect, TradeTech’s bi-fold doors can be made very thermally-efficient through the inclusion of insulating glass (IG) units featuring low-emissivity glass, warm-edge spacer bars, and Krypton or Xenon gas filing.  The doors’ design and draught stripping further enhances the energy performance.

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